School Board Policies Online

IASB can publish your school board policy manual online

Publishing your district’s governing document online increases board transparency and keeps staff, students, parents, and the community informed with current board policy direction.

IASB has partnered with MicroScribe Publishing, Inc. to provide a service that converts and formats a school district’s policies into online documents, complete with links to legal and cross-references. The school district can link to its policy manual from the district’s webpage.

  • Click here to view local school board policy manuals web-published through School Board Policies Online.

Participating school boards receive

  • Publication of your current policies online;

  • Easy access from any computer connected to the Internet;

  • Interactive links from each of your policies directly to the statutes, available regulations, and/or case law related to the policy;

  • Rapid updating any time you revise a policy;

  • A search engine designed especially for school board
    policy manuals; and

  • An archiving feature for maintaining older versions of a
    policy when a new one is adopted.

What is covered in the annual subscription?

  • Unlimited access

  • Fully hosted with backups and state of the art security

  • Unlimited updates

  • Citation link surveillance and maintenance

  • Royalty fees

  • Software and platform enhancements


  • Direct internet access to your school board’s most current policies

  • Quick updates after a board meeting (days instead of weeks)

  • Complete searches for words or phrases

  • Timesaving links to legal references and cross-references

  • Reduced time spent maintaining policy manuals, distributing policy updates, and researching answers to policy questions

  • Reduced costs – no printed manuals

How do we get started?

Once a contract is signed the district will need to provide an electronic copy of the Board Policy Manual and a district logo to IASB.

Contact an IASB policy consultant for costs associated with a one-time publishing fee or annual subscription.