School Board Policies Online

IASB can web-publish the board’s policy manual at a publicly available link using the School Board Policies Online (SBPOL) service. The manual is posted on the same platform used for the PRESS and PRESS Plus services.

Board Policy Manuals Accessed via the District Website

The primary work of the board is governing through written board policy, and the best way to communicate the board’s good work to its community is to publish policies online. Publishing the policy manual with SBPOL via a link on the district website facilitates online access to the board’s governing document with an easy-to-use interface. This increases board transparency and keeps staff, students, parents, and the community informed about the board’s current policy directives.
A School Board Policies Online subscription includes:
  • Conversion and online publication of the board’s current adopted policy manual.
  • Interactive links from each of the policies directly to legal references, cross-references, and external websites.
  • Branding of the district’s SBPOL webpage with district-specific logo and color scheme.
  • Rapid updating of submitted updates.
  • Unlimited access, storage, and updates.
  • A search engine designed especially for school board policy manuals.
  • District administration login credentials providing access to an archiving feature and multi-district searching capability.
View local school board policy manuals web-published through School Board Policies Online.

Combine Services for Added Features

Subscribe to both SBPOL and PRESS Plus (IASB’s customized, full-maintenance policy update service) to get instant updates to the district’s web-published board policy manual any time board-adopted edits are processed through the PRESS Plus service.

The District’s Administrative Procedures Manual accessed internally for Administrator Use

SBPOL subscribers also have the option to web-publish the district’s administrative procedures manual at a separate link for administrator use.

How much does SBPOL cost?

Contact IASB Policy Services for information on current subscription fees.

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