About Us

The Illinois Association of School Boards is a voluntary organization of local boards of education dedicated to strengthening the public schools through local citizen control. Although not a part of state government, IASB is organized by member school boards as a private not-for-profit corporation under authority granted by Article 23 of The Illinois School Code.

Serving Boards of Education Since 1913

The Association was launched in December 1913, by a group of school board members at a meeting in Quincy, Illinois. Today, more than 99 percent of the school boards in Illinois hold active membership and support the Association through annual dues.

Directory of Member Districts

The Association's constitution provides that major policies be established by an annual Delegate Assembly and places governance in the hands of an elected board of directors. The board of directors, made up of officers and regional directors, employs an executive director and approves annual budgets to carry out the work of the Association through offices in Springfield and Lombard.

The Illinois Association of School Boards is a federation member of the National School Boards Association.