Sponsored Programs

IASB Member School Districts have access to a number of programs designed to save money or ensure competitive pricing of some essential services. These programs are sponsored by IASB and offered to districts through pooling or trust arrangements, often governed by the districts themselves.

Cost savings programs available to member school districts:

Forecast5 Analytics


Forecast5 Analytics provides powerful data analytic and collaboration tools to help school leaders drive strategic and financial decisions with better information. By utilizing this proprietary Business Intelligence software, schools spend time analyzing rather than trying to find data. The Forecast5 platform includes interactive visuals and the opportunity to perform collaborative analytics. Schools are quickly gaining meaningful insights across several disciplines of financial management including budgeting, compensation, staffing and strategic planning.

For more information, please visit

Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium


This IASB-initiated and sponsored consortium offers a program that enables school districts to economically and efficiently comply with state and federal drug testing requirements for school bus drivers. Although the program is not governed by an independent board, it was established by the Association staff working in conjunction with the Mid-West Truckers Association, Inc. For more information on this service, please visit the Association's website here.

For information, please contact Candy Wendt, Mid-West Truckers Association, at 217-525-0310.

Liquid Asset Fund


How to Invest with ISDLAF+
The Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus is an investment pool for school districts that combines safety with competitive rates of return and immediate access to invested funds. Co-sponsored by IASB and other statewide school management groups, the program also offers certificates of deposit for longer maturities and higher returns.

School districts can call toll-free - 866/747-4477 - to establish accounts or obtain additional information. Or visit the ISDLAF+ website.

Illinois Energy Consortium


The Illinois Energy Consortium is a not-for-profit joint energy purchasing program sponsored by IASB, IASA and Illinois ASBO. It is designed to lower utility costs for member school districts and community colleges and make funds available for technology, staff development and educational goals. Since its inception in 1999, the consortium has generated millions of dollars in savings for Illinois education in both its electric and natural gas programs and is a ready-resource to provide answers and solutions to its members.

The Illinois Energy Consortium Electric Program Administrator is NextEra Energy Services and is responsible for all daily operations. Before a member commits to participation, NextEra can perform a full Budget Projection, based on historical usage and current IEC supply costs. For more information, districts should contact the NextEra support center at 866-482-4392.

IEC also has three natural gas purchasing strategies administered by Constellation Energy:

  • The “managed program,” a hands-off, minimal involvement program;
  • The “spot pool program,” where district needs float with the IEC spot pool price;
  • The “customized portfolio program,” where districts design their own energy purchasing strategy.

Districts with questions about the natural gas purchasing program should contact Glen Grimm at 630-657-4455.

For more information about IEC’s Electric or Natural Gas Programs, contact Ron Steigerwald at 847-567-3051 or email him at: .

For more information on this service, please visit the Consortium’s website.

Illinois Schools Employee Benefits Consortium

IASB, IASA, and Illinois ASBO have developed the Illinois Schools Employee Benefits Consortium (ISEBC) that includes a proprietary fully insured, comprehensive group health insurance plan that offers member school districts the opportunity to provide employees health benefits at affordable prices.

UnitedHealthcare®, one of the nation's leading benefits providers, underwrites this program. The customizable benefits package includes: cafeteria plan and flexibility with deductibles and coverage; dental and vision coverage; out of state coverage; life insurance; early retirement option; and other specialized services. The ISEBC program is Health Care Reform compliant and offers COBRA Administration. There is no exit fee if a school district decides to withdraw from the program.

For more information, districts are directed to contact Stan Travelstead at or Jeremy Travelstead at, or call 877-698-2247.

Insurance Pools Sponsored by IASB

Over the years, the Illinois Association of School Boards has created independent programs to offer services to school boards which the Association itself cannot provide. Most of these programs are now governed by non-profit boards made up of school board members and administrators. Governing boards employ industry experts to administer and market IASB-sponsored services to school districts.

Insurance programs sponsored by IASB include Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) and Property-Casualty Coverage through Illinois School District Agency (ISDA). Both the WCSIT and ISDA programs are designed specifically for Illinois school districts by school districts. Each pool is controlled by a board that is composed of Illinois school district administrators, school board members and business officials. Together, these school district representatives voice what their peers want in workers' compensation and property/casualty coverage.

Workers' Compensation Coverage
Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) was organized in 1982 to offer school boards an effective way to contain the cost of workers’ compensation coverage. Member districts may receive dividends on premiums by vote of the trust’s board, composed of local school board members and administrators.

Members of WCSIT are eligible to receive School Board Legal Liability coverage with limits up to $10 million. School district treasurer surety bonds and student accident coverage are also available to qualified members.

Loss control specialists throughout the state provide WCSIT members with various loss control services. The loss control specialists are available to work with member districts to establish working safety committees to empower school districts to proactively manage safety concerns.

For information about WCSIT, call 800-654-9504 or visit the WCSIT website at

Property-Casualty Coverage

The Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) offers a full line of property casualty coverage for interested member districts. The pooled risk management program is governed by a board of regents composed of local school board members and administrators. The Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) provides property/casualty coverage to more than 150 school districts across Illinois.

In addition to receiving competitively priced property/casualty coverage, ISDA members receive specialized loss control services and access to low-cost property appraisals to assure proper insurance to value coverage.

For information about ISDA coverage, call 800-654-9504, or visit the ISDA website at .



BuyBoard is a national online purchasing cooperative sponsored by the National School Boards Association and the Illinois Association of School Boards. The combined purchasing power of the Cooperative provides participating school districts access to the cooperative’s ability to leverage better pricing from vendors in addition to reducing administrative and resource time.   Additional savings can be realized by using the online RFQ (request for quote) function available through the BuyBoard.

All IASB member districts are eligible to become free members of the cooperative. Click HERE to learn how to sign up for BuyBoard, or visit the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about this program. Providers of school products and services can click HERE to learn how to become a participating vendor.

How to Sign Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Member Log-In

Prospective Vendors

For additional information about BuyBoard, contact: David Ricketts:, or 913-424-5758; Tamara Sites:, or 573-330-7779; or call toll-free: 800-695-2919.

Note:Before making a purchase from BuyBoard in excess of $25,000, members in Illinois should obtain an opinion from their board attorney to determine whether an exemption from the bidding mandate applies. For more information about the Illinois bidding statute, members should contact the IASB Office of General Counsel at:


Chip-In provides nonprofit fundraising solutions for 501(c)(3) groups, schools, and organizations. The program allows supporters to give directly to the nonprofit organization by collecting web-based donations via credit card payments. There are no monthly or setup fees, only a flat card processing fee that donors can chose to cover the cost. Chip-In can assist with custom ticketing and events pages for fundraisers, text-based donations, and other fundraising opportunities.

Visit the Chip-In website for additional information or a demonstration.

Future Green Energy Consortium (FGEC)

Future Green Energy Consortium

The Future Green Energy Consortium is a joint initiative of IASB, IASA, and Illinois ASBO to provide members with renewable power solutions at a low cost. FGEC is flexible, offering districts three options that can lower your bill even more and transition your district to on-site solar energy.

Future Green is a brand new renewable energy program that is being offered to school districts and their residents to save money on the electricity supply costs for school buildings, residential homes, and small businesses. In alignment with Illinois' Future Jobs Act, the green energy project is designed not only to be a cost savings for schools but also the families they serve and the businesses that support them. This is an out-of-the-box program uniquely designed within Illinois law and specifically crafted to help our school communities. An automatic discount to the current electricity supply rates plus the ability to drive down your rates further and earn districts rebates makes this a very exciting program for all of Illinois. Future Green will be able to assist in on-site solar development and/or transmission level projects to increase the districts' investment in the energy sector when needed.

Learn more about these options by emailing Future Green consultant Todd Main at or visit

School Leaders Risk Management Association

The School Leaders Risk Management Association (SLRMA) is a not-for-profit organization created to assist public school districts, cooperatives, public school district self-insured pools, and state school board associations with supplemental risk management support. SLRMA does this by providing timely information in order to prevent unwanted and unwarranted school board legal liability claims. It is governed by a board of directors consisting of executive directors of six state school board associations.

For more information about this service, visit their website at:



The Guard911 family of apps was developed, including SchoolGuard®, to protect K-12 schools against senseless acts of violence by shortening the police notification and subsequent response time. The SchoolGuard® app provides a panic button for teachers and staff by immediately alerting nearby law enforcement through the Hero911® rapid-response network while simultaneously calling 911 with the touch of a single button. There is a one-time only setup/activation fee per property (discounted with multiple properties within a district) and a monthly service fee thereafter which includes unlimited, approved users.

School leaders can visit to learn more about how SchoolGuard® can help better protect their community.

Procurement Card

School districts can streamline their purchasing process using the procurement card (p-Card) program administered in partnership with Illinois ASBO and Harris Bank/Mastercard. The p-Card program available for Illinois school districts reduces paperwork, provides better reporting, increases budget controls, and helps to lower the cost of payments.

For more information about p-Card, contact Holly Wallace at 815/753-9083 or by email at Visit the Illinois p-Card website at

Unemployment Claims Control Program

The Illinois Association of School Boards unemployment cost control program is now handled through NSN Employer Services, a management firm based in Illinois that administers this program for IASB member school districts. NSN has been controlling unemployment cost for more than 25 years and is known for a high level of personal attention.

Fees are determined by the number of employees listed on the district's March 15 payroll. During a recent year, 2,254 unemployment claims were processed on behalf of 254 school districts participating in the IASB program. Of those claims protested, favorable decisions were reached in 81 percent of the cases, resulting in savings of nearly $3.2 million to IASB member districts. In addition, $256,080 in charges was found to be erroneous and were credited back to the respective districts.

For information about this program, call 312/469-1977 to speak with Jorie Cummis or email Or visit the NSN Web site at