Energy Purchasing and Renewable Energy

IASB Sponsored Program:

Illinois Energy Consortium powered by Future Green

The Illinois Energy Consortium (IEC Powered by Future Green) was formed in 1997 as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and started serving schools as a statewide energy purchasing consortium in 1999. IEC is a joint program co-sponsored by Illinois ASBO, IASA and IASB. 

The Future Green Energy Consortium (FGEC) was created in 2017 by Illinois ASBO, IASA and IASB as a way to provide members with renewable electric power solutions at no out-of-pocket cost. FGEC is dedicated to creating a stable energy environment by increasing the utilization of renewables in every Illinois district. 

Illinois school districts and community colleges have utilized these savings to bring more money into meeting their educational goals. 

The IEC Powered by Future Green offers Electric, Gas, Solar and Bus2Grid options. 

School districts that are interested in harnessing the power of an energy consortium are encouraged to contact Haj Young, Chief Executive Officer of the Illinois Energy Consortium Powered by Future Green, at or (815) 200-8721.