Awards and Recognition

IASB offers a number of awards and programs to recognize the dedicated work of school board members that  strive for excellence in local school board governance. A list of professional development programs and details about how board members can earn recognition status in the various programs is listed below.

Awards and Recognition Programs 

School Board Governance Recognition

School Board Governance Recognition is designed to acknowledge those school boards that have engaged in activities that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education, the hallmarks of IASB's vision statement. 
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Board Leader Recognition Program

IASB’s Board Leader Recognition Program recognizes school board members for individual time and effort devoted to learning and leadership activities provided by the Association and for service to the public education community.
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Holly Jack Service Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize the extraordinary work and service provided by administrative professionals who assist their local boards of education. District employees (superintendent’s secretary, superintendent’s administrative assistant, recording secretary, etc.) who do the work required of the school board secretary are eligible. 
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School Board Members Day

To recognize the outstanding efforts of the nearly 6,000 elected school board members throughout the state, November 15 of each year is designated as "School Board Members Day" in Illinois. This is an opportunity to build community awareness and understanding about the essential role locally elected board of education members assume in a representative democracy.
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Exhibition of Educational Environments

Sponsored by the IASB Service Associates, the Exhibition of Educational Environments is an annual competition for outstanding school design projects. The juried awards program recognizes school designs for instructional, recreational, administrative, or other use.
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Local District Recognition Efforts

There are times when a school district will formally recognize a school board member, school official, staff member, student, or member of the community for contributions to their education community. IASB offers a free customizable certificate of appreciation for use with local recognition efforts.