Strategic Priorities

Member satisfaction and engagement are key measures of success

Association efforts to serve members are guided by the following strategic priorities:

  1. ENVISION and demonstrate EXCELLENCE in programs, services, educational opportunities, and support for IASB members resulting in high levels of member satisfaction.

  2. ENGAGE members and member districts with IASB staff, programs, resources, and services.

  3. EMPOWER members to serve as effective, confident advocates for local school board governance, and quality public education for every student.

  4. EDUCATE the membership about best practices in board governance and monitoring practices aimed at ensuring excellence and educational opportunities for every student.

  5. EVOLVE to provide timely and meaningful information, training, support, and resources necessary to meet the changing needs of members and member districts.

  6. Initiate, advocate for, and support efforts to ensure EQUITY, Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Justice within IASB, its membership, and PK-12 Schools.

The IASB Annual Report offers a snapshot of the important work of the Association during the fiscal year, which ends on June 30 of each year. ​