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IASB's Communications Department is responsible for compiling, publishing, and maintaining a wealth of information for Illinois school board members and education leaders, including books, periodicals, pamphlets, and surveys. Many of these resources may be downloaded or accessed online. Others may be ordered via the IASB Online Bookstore, or by phone, or mail.

Free Pamphlets and Tools

A number of pamphlets and useful tools are available to assist not only local boards of education, but also the general public in understanding some basic principles of school governance and the role of a local school board. They include
  • Where Does the Lottery Money Go?
  • Understanding School Finance 
  • Guide to Recruiting School Board Candidates  
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Surveys and Data

IASB maintains a robust amount of data that may be useful to school board members, public school districts, and other education related organizations, including

  • Board Member Turnover Data 
  • Finance Election Data 
  • School Design Data File  
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Illinois School Board Journal

The Illinois School Board Journal is intended to educate and inform and not only highlight Association programs, services, and positions. The Journal is a “marketplace of ideas” providing readers with opposing views, opinions, and conflicting positions, and is rooted in its editorial integrity and credibility. 

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Inside IASB — Talk Podcast

This podcast discusses school board leadership and education topics with district leaders while introducing listeners to a set of guiding principles that describe the fundamental duties of board service for close to 6,000 Illinois school board member volunteers. IASB refers to these guiding beliefs as the Foundational Principles of Effective Governance.

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