IASB Staff Directory

Click on the name of any member of the IASB staff to send a message. ​To reach staff members by phone, call (217) 528-9688 or (630) 629-3776 and enter the extension number listed to the right of each person. All extensions can be reached from either phone number, so use whichever phone number costs less from your location.

Kimberly A. Small
Executive Director, ext. 1143

Jeremy Duffy
Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, ext. 1234

Tulsi Srinivasan
Human Resources Director, ext. 1134

Chris Montrey
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1143


Chris Lawton
Director, ext. 1139

Patrick Shea
Assistant Manager, ext. 1133


Patricia Sullivan-Viniard
Director, ext. 1240

Carmen Ayala
Consultant, ext. 1243

Tim Buss
Consultant, ext. 1142

Jim Helton
Consultant, ext. 1102

Dave Love
Consultant, ext. 1217

Alan Molby
Consultant, ext. 1235

Vic Zimmerman
vzimmerman​, ext. 1135

Mary Torgler
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1217


Jeremy Duffy
Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, ext. 1234

Maryam Brotine
Assistant General Counsel, ext. 1219

Debra Jacobson
Assistant General Counsel, ext. 1211

Ummehani Faizullabhoy
Assistant Director, ext. 1227

Michael Ifkovits
Legal Assistant, ext. 1237

Karis Li
Legal Assistant, ext. 1236


Angie Powell
Associate Executive Director, ext. 1154

Nicholas Baumann
Director, ext. 1214

John Fines
Director, ext. 1148

Garth Minor
Director, ext. 1125

Tammie Ng
Director, ext. 1210

Breanna Rabacchi
Assistant Manager, ext. 1119

Emily Tavernor
Assistant Manager, ext. 1126

Tasha Levy
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1138

Jennifer Robinson
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1151

Tayler Heidbreder
Specialist, ext. 1108


Sarah Miller
Associate Executive Director, ext. 1239

Mary Ellen Buch
Director, ext. 1132

Barbara Hobrock
Director, ext. 1123

Mike Stevens
Director, ext. 1149

Alie Wagner
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1228


Jennifer Feld
Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, ext. 1152

Karen Faith
Assistant Business Manager, ext. 1146

Camille Gillette
Specialist III, ext. 1145

Ruthann Ferris
Receptionist (afternoons), ext. 1100

Sally Kimmel
Receptionist (mornings), ext. 1100


Lori Grant
Interim Associate Executive Director, ext. 1141

Patrick Allen
Director, ext. 1150

Arlana Bedard
Director, ext. 1263

Kathryn Bulava
Director, ext. 1127

Perry Hill, IV
Director, ext. 1120

Laura Martinez
Director, ext. 1245

Natalie Williams-McMahon
Director, ext. 1218

Yolanda Chavez
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1233

Nancy Johnson
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1220

Cindy Rispens
Administrative Assistance, ext. 1229

Shantel Rotherham
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1116

Miranda Sexton
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1111

Gretchen Watson
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1221


Lori Grant
Associate Executive Director, ext. 1141

Sandra Kwasa
Director, ext. 1213

Rhonda Cass Mackiney
Assistant Director, ext. 1144

Haylie Noltensmeier
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1103

Linda Zulaski
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1212


Carla S. Bolt
Director, ext. 1140

Natalie Duke
Assistant Director, ext. 1115


Kara Kienzler
Associate Executive Director, ext. 1156

Theresa Kelly Gegen
Director/Editorial Services/Editor, Illinois School Board Journal, ext. 1104

Heath Hendren
Director/Editorial Services, ext. 1109

Jennifer Nelson
Director/Information Services, ext. 1105

Dara Merino
Assistant Director/Sponsorships, ext. 1114

Isaac Warren
Assistant Director/Digital Communications, ext. 1121

Bridget Kusturin
Administrative Assistant, ext. 1131


Katie Grant
Director/Production Services, ext. 1122

Jeff Armbruster
Print Shop Operator/Graphics, ext. 1110

Matt Schultz
Graphic Designer, ext. 1112