PRESS - Policy Reference Education Subscription Service

PRESS is the foundational service of IASB Policy Services’ subscription and one-time service offerings. As an annual subscription service, it is an online resource for school board members, administrators, and school attorneys looking for well-reasoned sample policies, exhibits, and procedures, plus the legal rationale and legal references supporting them.

PRESS is published through PRESS Online and has two components:
  • A Policy Reference Manual (PRM) that serves as an encyclopedia of more than 1,400 pages of sample materials. The PRM helps the board address questions such as:
    • What are appropriate policy subjects?

    • What is the impact of state or federal law?

    • What should be addressed in administrative procedures?

  • PRESS Issues, each with an Update Memo, that contain periodic updates and revisions to the PRM based upon changes in the law and best practices.

The PRM and PRESS Update Memos are written by IASB’s Office of General Counsel with valuable input and suggestions from the PRESS Advisory Board (PAB). PAB members are a group of distinguished individuals from the legal and education fields.

How Can Subscribers Get the Most Out of Their PRESS Subscriptions?

Download Q&A: Getting the Most Out of Your PRESS Subscription

How much does PRESS cost?

Contact IASB Policy Services for information on current subscription fees.

How do subscribers access PRESS Online?

Subscribers should click the Member Login button at the top of this webpage and select PRESS under their member account links to access PRESS Online. Download PRESS login instructions.