School Board Members Day

School board members transform educational visions into reality

To recognize the outstanding efforts of the nearly 6,000 elected school board members throughout the state, November 15 of each year is designated as "School Board Members Day" in Illinois. This is an opportunity to build community awareness and understanding about the essential role locally elected board of education members assume in a representative democracy. This year's School Board Members Day theme is "Transform Vision into Reality."

School Board Members Day offers an opportunity to recognize the leadership provided by local boards of education and to build a stronger relationship between school board members, the community, faculty, and parents. IASB is encouraging district personnel to contact their community leaders, business partners, local civic and parent organizations, and other area leaders to join in recognition efforts. Share your honorary activities with us on social media using the hashtag, #ThankABoardMember.

Materials to help districts organize their activities

These Illinois-specific materials may be adapted for use in January, which has been dedicated National School Board Recognition Month.

For more information about School Board Members Day, contact Heath Hendren at ext. 1109, or email him at

By working with the community, districts can assure that these committed public servants are honored for their board policy and local governance work on behalf of children, families, and entire communities.