Executive Searches

Recruiting and selecting a superintendent or other key administrators takes time and expertise, which is why the selection procedure and process must be planned carefully. IASB has developed a service to help boards prepare for that decision.

Assisting school boards in hiring top-quality leaders

The search and selection process includes; conducting a needs assessment, collecting candidate information, keeping records and maintaining contact with educational agencies. The following links will help both districts and candidates in the process:

Download a brochure explaining IASB's Executive Search services

Download a brochure explaining National Affiliation Superintendent Searchers

IASB superintendent searches are coordinated by the Executive Searches staff, who are located in both the Springfield and Lombard offices. For information about any aspect of IASB Executive Searches, please contact any of the staff members listed below:

Thomas Leahy
Director of Executive Searches
217/528-9688, ext. 1153

Mary Torgler
Administrative Assistant
630/629-3776, ext. 1217

Dave Love
217/528-9688, ext. 1217

Alan Molby
630/629-3776, ext. 1235

Jim Helton
217/528-9688, ext. 1102

Tim Buss
217/528-9688, ext. 1142

Patricia Sullivan-Viniard
630/629-3776, ext. 1240

IASB is an equal opportunity employment search agency and a member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searches.