New Board Members

Welcome, New Board Members!

Congratulations on your election or appointment to your local board of education. From mandated training, meetings, working with the superintendent, and learning the work of the board, IASB is prepared to assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills to become an effective school board member.

Information and resources to help you carry out your duties and develop your leadership skills

The Association’s mission is to light the way for its members by developing their competence and confidence through a robust toolkit designed to build excellence in local school board governance. View membership benefits.

Online Courses are available to satisfy state-mandated training requirements, and for members to build essential knowledge and skills of effective school board governance. See all online learning opportunities.

What is IASB?

IASB is a voluntary organization of local boards of education leading public schools in Illinois. Learn more about IASB. Members can take this free online course Leaders Light the Way: A History of IASB to gain a deeper understanding of the Association's rich history.

Contact IASB

Your IASB field services director is an invaluable resource who serves as your primary association contact. Find your field services director.