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(7/30/2020) School Reopening: Coordination and Communication

Hear how two school districts have coordinated their reopening plans with state, county, and local officials and hear the details of their plans for reopening.

(6/22/2020) School Financial Concerns During a Pandemic

Join Tim Custis, CPA and an Illinois school board member, as he outlines the key school finance areas board members should focus on during these uncertain times.

(6/08/2020) Socioemotional Needs for Students, Staff, and Administrators

Join Patrick McMillion, Clinical Director, Adventure Works; Instructor, NIU, in this Zoom webinar. He will discuss the socioemotional issues that students, staff and administration are experiencing because of the COVID 19 social distancing requirements.

(5/29/2020) Interview with State Superintendent Dr. Carmen Ayala

Join Illinois State Superintendent of Education Carmen I. Ayala, Ph.D., regarding the latest on K-12 education, the status of remote learning, guidance for school board members, and how we can prepare for school in the fall.

(5/20/2020) Urgent COVID-19 PRESS Update on Grants

Due to COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies are offering districts temporary flexibility for spending employee salaries under grants, but not without written documentation to address the payment of employees during the pandemic.

(3/18/2020) IASB's Response to the Coronavirus Emergency and Building Resilience in Students

IASB Executive Director Tom Bertrand and Deputy Executive Director Ben Schwarm offer current information regarding the unprecedented measures taken in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

(7/23/2020) 14 Ways for School Boards to Improve School Mental Health

There is a mental health epidemic facing schools across the nation. Comprehensive school mental health systems build the foundations for schools to be able to create thriving environments and develop sustainable supports. Learn how a school board can be a vital partner.

(2/26/2020) Great Expectations: Board Member Responsibilities When Facing Community Dissent

The First Amendment, Illinois Open Meetings Act, and other rules and laws set forth important limitations on responses that boards and board members can take, even when a community member’s actions are arguably disruptive. Learn the key issues every board member should know on this important issue.

(8/22/2019) Lucky 7s: Questions, Answers, and Resources for New and Experienced Board Members

Did you know? A psychological study in 1956 demonstrated that most people can retain roughly seven items in their short-term memory. We ask and answer seven legal questions, seven governance questions. We’ll also offer the seven best resources for new and experienced board members to rely on for the answers to their other questions.

(8/13/2019) Holding the Gavel: Tips for Board Presidents

Join us for tips and best practices to enhance your leadership skills as board president. 

(5/7/2018) How to Write an Effective IASB Resolution - Take Action to Make Change!

Do you ever wish you could change the law to better meet the needs of your students, staff, and community and wonder “Where do I start?”  This webinar will not only explain the IASB Resolutions process but help you realize that participation in shaping the school board message is fundamental to shaping public school policy on the statewide and national scene.

(5/3/2018) Democracy IS Conflict: Is Yours Productive or Unproductive?

All school boards will at times experience conflict. Learn how your values influence board discussions and decisions and how those values contribute to productive or unproductive conflict within the board. 

(1/31/2018) 5Essentials Survey: Why It REALLY Matters to School Boards

This webinar covers the climate and culture survey and the uses of the valuable data for school leaders that can be gained through it.

(1/10/2018) Board Members, Where in the World are your Social Media Policies?

Discover what policies/procedures apply to your social media usage and where you can find them.

(7/9/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 104: The Spring 2020 Triple Whammy!

March came in like a lion with the COVID-19 pandemic, but there were no lambs in sight this spring, creating a triple whammy of Policy Reference Manual updates in June PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 104.

(6/30/2020) PRESS Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Join us to hear the answers to frequently asked questions about how to get the most out of PRESS Plus, IASB’s customized, full-maintenance policy updating service.

(4/9/2020) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 103: Clean Up From the Legislative Storm

The legislative storm unleashed in the first year of the 101st General Assembly left much debris in its path, leading to a needed cleanup in March PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 103.

(11/14/2019) PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 102: In the Eye of the Legislative Storm

The legislative storm is here with PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 102, which affects the largest number of Policy Reference Manual (PRM) pages in the publication’s history.

(7/18/2019) PRESS Issue 101: Summer Calm Before the Fall Legislative Storm

Schools and the Illinois legislature are out for summer break! We’re addressing some PRESS maintenance items before the fall legislative storm hits. PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 101 will be available by July 4th. We'll review PRESS Issue 101’s five-year review updates, as well as changes to student health laws and regulations. Then, stay tuned for a review of customized PRESS Plus Issue 101.

(4/25/2019) From Distress to Success: Policies and Practices to Foster Student Mental Health and Well Being

Former Illinois state superintendent, author, and nationally recognized speaker Glenn “Max” McGee will explore existing beliefs about students’ mental health, examine “distressors” students are faced with, and propose changes in policies and practices that act to support student mental health