Policy Services and School Law

IASB’s Office of the General Counsel is divided into two distinct categories: legal services and policy services. Both work hand-in-hand to collectively provide the best policy and school law resources for Illinois school board members.

IASB's Office of General Counsel (OGC) advises the Association and represents IASB in legal matters, drafts sample policies and procedures for the Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS), and contributes to many IASB programs and publications. The OGC also provides legal information and legal resources to IASB members. However, because it does not represent boards of education, it cannot provide legal advice to member boards. Member boards seeking specific legal advice should contact their board attorneys directly.

A variety of fee-based services are offered to enhance the ability of a school board to function effectively. Among them are policy manual customization, administration procedures project, PRESS, PRESS Plus, School Board Policies Online, and BoardBook.


Legislative Resources

Digest of Bills Passed and New School Laws summarize bills sent to the governor (each July) and bills signed into law (each January).

Legislative Reports are compiled each week during sessions of the General Assembly and as needed during off-session times.