Pamphlets and Tools

A number of pamphlets and useful tools are available to assist not only local boards of education, but also the general public in understanding some basic principles of school governance and the role of a local school board. Some act to dispel popular myths, such as Where does the Lottery Money Go, while others seek to educate the community about recruiting board candidates. Others look to tackle more in-depth issues, including school finance and early learning strategies.
  • Where Does the Lottery Money Go? (pdf) — Presents questions and answers about the Illinois lottery and its very limited impact on public school funding.
  • Annual School Calendar — Dates contained in this calendar comply with all statutory deadlines contained in the Election Code, School Code, and selected acts of the General Assembly
  • Understanding School Finance (pdf) —  A brief look at where Illinois schools get their money and where they spend it
  • About School Boards — Insights into the functions of boards of education
  • Early Learner Users Guide — Offers methods and resources that can be utilized to integrate early learning best practice into your district education strategy for improving student achievement
  • Guide to Recruiting School Board Candidates —  Intended to be used by school and community leaders when they talk with candidates who may have questions about running or serving as a school board member
  • IASB Annual Report — This report offers a snapshot of the work of IASB during the 2019 fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2019.
  • School Board Member Facts — A quick look at general Illinois school board member facts and data.