Recruiting Future School Board Members

Prepared leadership today will help to develop prepared leaders for tomorrow

The responsibility of the current board of education is to ensure future boards are ready to lead, so that the work of governing education in your community is achieved with continuity and effectiveness. Identifying, recruiting, and mentoring future board members is an important part of a school board’s work to meet that responsibility.

IASB has a resource available to help school districts develop an effective process for identifying and recruiting prospective school board members and mentoring them through candidacy and beyond. For boards utilizing this resource, consider the motivations and skills as a member of the board of education, and think about the meaning of board service, and who in the community bears the qualities of a school board member.

Guide to Identifying, Recruiting, and Mentoring Future School Board Members

The material is intended to support the work of local boards of education in developing an effective, ongoing process for finding school board candidates. The guide is not designed to be distributed to potential candidates; rather, it is intended to facilitate discussion about recruiting prospective candidates, whether during the next election or an appointment process. Topics included in the guide can be used by school leaders when talking with individuals who may have questions about school board service.

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