Administrative Procedures Project

An Administrative Procedures Project aids administrators in their implementation of the board policy manual’s directives, so the board can fulfill its monitoring role. An Administrative Procedures Project is available to districts that subscribe to PRESS Plus or have recently completed a Policy Manual Customization.

An Administrative Procedures Manual developed as part of an Administrative Procedures Project:

  • Includes all procedures expressly required by current board policy, and state and federal law and regulations.
  • Is aligned with current board policy and district practices and is based upon the Policy Reference Manual.
  • Has an easily identifiable coding system, alphabetical index, and table of contents.
  • Contains individual administrative procedures and exhibits that are clear and concise, with legal references and cross-references to related materials.
  • Is coded to correspond to the board policies it implements.
  • Has implementation dates that are clearly stated at the end of each procedure and exhibit.

The Process

The process may vary to meet individual preferences and needs of the district.
The general procedure normally includes, that
  1. The district provides a contact person and/or a committee of administrative staff members to work with an IASB policy consultant in the development and editing of the administrative procedures manual.
  2. The policy consultant prepares and delivers to the district a draft administrative procedures manual based upon IASB’s Policy Reference Manual, and customized according to the requirements of the board’s adopted policy manual.
  3. Administrative staff members review the draft manual.
  4. The policy consultant and administrative staff members meet up to two times in the district to review, edit, and further customize the administrative procedures manual. Additional meetings may be requested by the district at a per-visit fee.
  5. The policy consultant prepares and delivers an edited manual ready for review.
  6. Implementation dates are added by IASB, and the district receives a final copy of the manual.