Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly, held annually at the Joint Annual Conference, is the meeting where school board members vote on the proposals submitted by local school boards. Each school board that is a member of the Association is entitled to one voting delegate at the Delegate Assembly. Every member board is advised to select one individual board member to serve as its delegate, and to review proposed resolutions with the full board before determining its vote. 

Policies guiding the operation of the Association are formulated by the Delegate Assembly through the adoption of Position Statements and Belief Statements.

At the Delegate Assembly, the proposed resolutions are brought for a vote of the Assembly. Discussion is held before votes are taken. Voting must be done in person (though a delegate is not required to be registered for the entire Conference). Delegates vote “to adopt” or “not adopt” the resolutions as put forth by the Resolutions Committee. The Delegate Assembly vote determines the final decision on all resolutions. If approved by the Delegate Assembly, resolutions become Position Statements or Belief Statements in the IASB Constitution, and thus give IASB staff direction on legislative positions.