Unemployment Claims Control

IASB Sponsored Program:

Unemployment Claims Control Program

The Illinois Association of School Boards unemployment cost control program is now handled through NSN Employer Services, a management firm based in Illinois that administers this program for IASB member school districts. NSN has been controlling unemployment cost for more than 25 years and is known for a high level of personal attention.

Fees are determined by the number of employees listed on the district's March 15 payroll. During a recent year, 2,254 unemployment claims were processed on behalf of 254 school districts participating in the IASB program. Of those claims protested, favorable decisions were reached in 81 percent of the cases, resulting in savings of nearly $3.2 million to IASB member districts. In addition, $256,080 in charges was found to be erroneous and were credited back to the respective districts.

For information about this program, call (312) 469-1977 to speak with Jorie Cummis or email Or visit the NSN Web site at