Policy Manual Customization

What is a policy manual customization? 

An IASB policy consultant will work with the Board and superintendent to develop a new and up-to-date local school board policy manual. This policy manual will be based upon IASB’s Policy Reference Manual and will be customized to include your district’s current policy and practices, as appropriate.

Does our District need a policy manual customization?

Use this checklist to help determine if your district needs a customization.

The Policy Manual

  • Contains written policies that
    • include up-to-date district goals,
    • delegate authority to the superintendent,
    • define operating limits, ensure legal compliance,
    • establish board processes, and
    • provide for monitoring of district progress.
  • Includes all policies required by state and federal law and regulations.
  • Has an easily identifiable coding system, alphabetical index, or
    search engine and table of contents.
  • Is available in the district administrative offices and, as appropriate,
    for board, staff, students, parents and the community.

Individual Policies

  • Each policy is clear and concise.
  • Policies are legally referenced.
  • Policies have cross-references to related policies.
  • Adoption dates are clearly stated.

Updating and Distribution

  • The manual is provided in an electronic format for ease of updating, use, and accessibility.

What are the benefits of working with an IASB policy consultant?

In addition to an up-to-date board policy manual, the board will benefit from in-district board development on the topics of effective board governance, the policymaking role of the board, and board-superintendent roles and responsibilities.

What are the steps involved in a customization?

The customization process may vary to meet individual board preferences and needs. The normal procedure is as follows:

  • The policy consultant, board members, and superintendent meet in the district to discuss the board’s needs, agree upon the process, and gather necessary information and documents.
  • The policy consultant prepares a draft based upon the IASB Policy Reference Manual
    and input from the first meeting.
  • The policy consultant, board members, and superintendent meet up to three times in the district to edit the draft. Additional meetings may be requested by the board for a small fee per visit.
  • An edited manual is delivered to the district ready for review and board adoption.
  • Adoption dates are added to the manual and the board receives both an electronic copy of the manual.
  • The policy consultant, board, superintendent, and superintendent’s secretary meet in the district to discuss policy manual maintenance.

Use of PRESS or PRESS Plus will enable to board to keep its manual up to date.

What will it cost?

Contract fees for a Policy Manual Customization are based upon district student enrollment. Contact an IASB policy consultant for current contract fees and the related payment schedule.