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One of the most important duties of a school board is to determine lawful school board policy.

A school board policy manual requires constant review and revision in response to changing state and federal laws, regulations, and court cases, as well as changes in society and the community.

School board policy must be written and available to the public. It should:

  • Provide a statement to the community of district goals,
  • Delegate authority to the superintendent,
  • Define operating limits,
  • Ensure legal compliance,
  • Establish board processes, and
  • Provide for monitoring district progress.

Whether your policy manual needs a complete development or a simple update, we can help. IASB offers a full range of policy services and tools designed to meet the unique needs of your school board.

PRESS – Policy Reference Education Subscription Service
PRESS is the IASB policy and procedure information and updating service. This calendar year subscription service has two components: the Policy Reference Manual, an encyclopedia of sample policies and procedures, legally referenced and footnoted; and periodic update issues. PRESS is an essential tool for keeping your board policy and administrative procedures manuals up-to-date. Both the Policy Reference Manual and the periodic update issues are Web-published. Log in Here.

To view the PRESS video tutorial, click here.

Policy Manual Customization
An IASB policy consultant will work with the board and superintendent to develop a new and up-to-date local school board policy manual. This policy manual will be based upon IASB’s Policy Reference Manual and will be customized to include your district’s current policy and practices, as appropriate.

This full-maintenance policy update service, based on PRESS, IASB's sample updating service, helps districts to keep their policy manuals up-to-date with changes in law, regulations, and local conditions.

To view the PRESS Plus Online User Guide, click here. To view the PRESS Plus video tutorial, click here.

Administrative Procedures Project
An IASB policy consultant will work with your district staff to develop new and up-to-date administrative procedures to implement the board policy manual. These administrative procedures will be based upon the same procedures and exhibits contained in the IASB Policy Reference Manual and your district’s current practices. (Available to districts that have developed and maintained or updated their current policy manual with IASB Policy Services.)

School Board Policies Online
This service provides easy Internet access to your current board policy with quick updates, complete searches for words or phrases, and timesaving links to legal references and cross-references. No more three-ringed binders to maintain. Enjoy the benefits of a paperless policy manual. Click here to view local school board policy manuals web-published by IASB.

This Web service streamlines the preparation, distribution, and publishing of agenda packets. Electronically distribute materials, post on your website, and conduct paperless meetings! To learn more, register for an informational BoardBook webinar here.

IASB member districts may request sample policies and general information at any time. Please contact the IASB Policy Services staff in Lombard or Springfield by email or phone.


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