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Welcome to IASB!

Welcome to the Web site of the Illinois Association of School Boards. This is where school board members go to school – and you can, too.

Start by listening to these radio commercials that explain more about school board service and training options offered to school board members. Just click on the links below and wait for the commercial to load in your Windows Media Player or other computer program capable of playing an MP3 sound file:

  • 2005 Commercial (Aired on the Brownfield radio network in August 2005.)
  • 2006 Commercial (Aired on the Brownfield radio network in November-December 2006.)

Or, if you just want to know more about the work of school boards, please feel free to explore any areas of this Web site that you wish. The site provides a wide range of information about everything from the principles of school governance to the requirements of state law and the challenges of school finance.

Here are some places to start that might help you the most:

Links about school board service:

Your School Board and You
School Board Code of Conduct
Principles of School Governance
Understanding School Finance
Playing Fair with the Children of Illinois
Where Does the Lottery Money Go?
School Boards and Employee Relations
Hiring a New Superintendent
An Alphabet Soup of Educational Acronyms

Links about the Association:

IASB Overview
IASB Vision and Mission
IASB Beliefs
IASB Staff
More about IASB services

Another resource for school board members and those who want to know more about the work of school boards, IASB offers books, CDs, videos and other materials for sale at its IASB Online Bookstore.

IASB also maintains a list of other Web sites where you can find information and sources for school district governance, Illinois school leadership, national school leadership, state and federal government, online and print periodicals, and other education-related associations. Click on IASB Useful Links.

If you haven't yet found what you are looking for, try using our Search Engine. This feature will allow you to search for information published in the Illinois School Board Journal and Illinois School Board Newsbulletin, Alliance Legislative Reports, and other online documents.

Support Leadership Training

Businesses, law firms, and individuals may support leadership training for school board members by making tax deductible, charitable contributions to the Illinois Association of School Boards. These contributions, no matter their size, allow IASB to provide additional training opportunities and resources for local school board members.

IASB is organized exclusively for tax exempt purposes. Its status as a charitable corporation allows donors to receive a tax deduction for their contributions. Please contact IASB if you, your business or law firm wish to make a tax deductible, charitable contribution. Depending upon IASB needs at the time of your contribution, the donation will be used for such purposes as workshops, speakers, receptions, scholarships, dinners, research, publications and/or special projects. Your support will be recognized in printed materials, display signs, donor representation at events, public announcements and introductions from the podium, or printed acknowledgment in publications.


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