New Monitoring Goals Using Data In-District Workshop Available

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    May 13, 2024
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IASB is offering a new in-district workshop for Association members. Monitoring District Goals Using Data will equip school boards with a process for using data to continually monitor progress toward goals. Participants will understand why monitoring is a crucial role of the board, identify data the board will use to monitor district goals, and learn how data can be organized and presented for maximum effectiveness.

Member school boards can also schedule a companion workshop, Monitoring District Performance Through Policy. This workshop will assist a board team with learning and implementing a monitoring process for board policies, the district’s vision/mission/goals, operational parameters, and board/superintendent relations to effectively evaluate district performance.

complete list of all in-district workshop opportunities available to IASB member school boards is posted on the IASB website. To schedule a workshop, contact the IASB Field Services Director assigned to your division.