Illinois English Learner Handbook

Illinois English Learner Handbook: A Guide for School Board Members, District Administrators, and Principals

This handbook is presented with the goal of achieving increased academic outcomes and the lifelong success of English Learners. It is designed to support school leaders who are working with students across the state speaking languages other than English. The 109-page comprehensive handbook was created in collaboration with the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Principal Association, Illinois Association of School Administrators, and Latino Policy Forum, and is tailored for multiple audiences.

One section is aimed at school board members and lawmakers charged with drafting policy and appropriating resources who may wish to develop their background knowledge on emergent bilinguals. It offers district administrators, emergent bilinguals directors, and school leaders a detailed overview for how a vision might be implemented, funded, and monitored.

Along with extensive research and legal guidance, the handbook honors the voices of English Learner educators throughout the state who are providing examples of best practice each and every day.

The recommendations and guidelines presented in the handbook provide best practices for making a significant difference for emergent bilinguals educational outcomes.

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Illinois English Learner Handbook