In the March/April Journal, discover current facility design efficiencies, outdoor planning and activities, and the latest in funding ESG projects. Virtually visit model schools and learn about their positive impacts on the community as well as the students they serve. 

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Cover Stories

  • Incorporating ESG: Illinois School Capital: Planning and Bond Issues

    By Steve Mahr
    The application of ESG principles and strategies in capital planning and bond issuance processes may help prioritize important facility and infrastructure improvement decisions.
  • Prairie Trails School: A Model of Sustainability

    By Lyndl Schuster and Ron Richardson
    Among the goals at Prairie Trails School is to provide opportunities for students to make connections between the science they learn and the science they experience in their natural environment.
  • Sustainable Design Transforms the Student Experience

    By Sue Lara, John Mlade, Bradley Paulsen, Paul O’Connor, Craig Siepka, Shawn Sternberg, and Megan Zack
    Adlai E. Stevenson High School's East Building renovation by Wight and Company considers social-emotional wellness, collaborative learning, and the health of students and the planet.
  • Tapping Into the Power of Outdoor Learning

    By Lynne R. Sorkin
    Outdoor spaces can support curriculum goals, increase students’ outdoor time and extend community use beyond normal school hours. Learn more in this piece provided by FGM Architects, which features CPS and River Trails SD 26.

Regular Features

  • Front Page

    By Theresa Kelly Gegen
    The work of a school board member, no matter the topic, is to take best practices, remember the Foundational Principles, understand the laws that apply, maintain purpose, and make the best decisions for the community.
  • From the Field: Performing at Your Best

    By Reatha Owen
    Practicing good governance is fundamental to the success of a school district. How can boards improve their governance?
  • ICYMI: Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident

    Reported by Jamie Pence
    Make school safety a priority, working with local law enforcement, fire safety personnel, EMS, and school crisis teams to put plans, supplies, and materials in place in preparation for multiple crisis events.
  • Practical PR: Ensuring Safety is Not Just a Drill

    By Jill S. Browning
    School board members serve as champions of safety and support crucial safety initiatives.