People ex rel. Ballard v. Neikamp, 2011 IL App (4th) 100796 (09/19/2011).

Action to oust a board member who held incompatible offices

Individual Board Member Interests
Case: People ex rel. Ballard v. Neikamp, 2011 IL App (4th) 100796 (09/19/2011).
Date: Monday, September 19, 2011

A former school board member appealed the court order that “ousted” him from serving on a school board for violating the Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act (50 ILCS 105/). That statute prohibits duly holding offices on both a county board and a school board. A few fellow school board members brought an action in “quo warranto” to enforce this law because the former board member was a member of the county board when he was sworn in to the school board. (“Quo warranto” is a legal proceeding that challenges an individual's right to hold an office or governmental privilege.) The appellate court found, among other things, that the court order at the time was proper. Note: During the course of this case, the former school board member ran for the school board again at the next election, and he was elected, sworn in, and is currently serving. For more information about incompatible offices, see the discussion in the Illinois Council of School Attorney’s document titled “Answers to FAQs; Conflict of Interest and Incompatible Offices,” at