IASB Legislative Report 103-37

  • Date Posted
    May 24, 2024
Budget and Adjournment
While adjournment was scheduled for May 24, the General Assembly will be working into the holiday weekend to deliver the budget this year. Your Governmental Relations team has been on watch 24/7 for quick-moving bills, last-minute filings, complete gut-and-replace amendments, and old topics being revived, all of which occurred this final week. There has been late night floor and committee action, and we expect that to continue through the weekend.

This week’s overriding topic of discussion was the release of the state budget, how closely it would mirror the Governor’s proposed budget, and  whether funding for individual legislator initiatives would be included (i.e. Healthy School Meals for All, New Arrivals funding, and Student Teacher Stipends), as well as whether the General Assembly would be willing to enact the revenue enhancements needed to provide a balanced budget. We anticipate the budget to be released today (May 24) and, assuming a budget is passed over the weekend, a full report will be provided early next week.

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