IASB Legislative Report 103-34

  • Date Posted
    May 3, 2024
  • Category
    Legislative Update
House and Senate Committee Deadline Week
This week brings us to the committee deadline for both the House and the Senate for bills in the opposite chamber. With the bulk of the work to amend bills and address concerns having been done in the originating chamber, bills in the opposite chamber often pass with much less debate unless there were outstanding concerns. However, the IASB Governmental Relations team is continuing to negotiate some more significant bills that have been given extensions in the original chamber and those bills which passed one chamber with the commitment to resolve issues in the other chamber.

Overall, bills moved as expected this week with much of the real action happening behind the scenes.

Read more, plus the latest on advocacy, hot bills and topics discussed in committees this week and several bills that have moved out of House and Senate committees, in the full IASB Legislative Report 103-34 and the latest Legislative Update video.