New School Laws 2024

  • Date Posted
    March 15, 2024
  • Category
    Legislative Update
A digest of state laws enacted in 2023 that impact Illinois public schools is now available. The New School Laws publication is intended to alert school leaders and public school advocates to new statutes or changes in existing laws each year.

The publication includes a brief synopsis of 106 new Public Acts to call attention to statutory changes. The new laws are categorized by topic and include the bill and public act number, and the effective date and legislative sponsors.
Some new laws in 2024 include:
  • Newly required curriculum content on Native American history to be included in every social studies course pertaining to American history or government; health courses for grades 9-12 shall provide instruction and discussion on the dangers of fentanyl; as well as allergen safety education on the dangers of allergies.
  • Districts will be required to operate a full-day kindergarten program beginning during the 2027-2028 school year (extensions for some districts may apply).
  • Increases in the minimum teacher's salary are tied to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Changes to laws concerning teacher dismissal and teacher tenure, and additional flexibility for substitute teachers.
  • Open Meetings Act changes and various changes to the Teachers' Pension Code and property tax systems.
  • Requirement that the Illinois State Board of Education develop a comprehensive literacy plan.
  • Additional funds for free school breakfast and lunch programs.
  • Other newly enacted laws pertain to school safety, security, and health issues.
Also included in this publication, where applicable, is the IASB Policy Service (PRESS) information regarding new legislation. If a new law is addressed in PRESS materials, the corresponding PRESS Policy or Procedure code number will follow the Public Act information.