IASB Constitution and Position Statements Mailed to Members

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    February 15, 2024
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The IASB Constitution and updated Position Statements will be mailed to all IASB member district offices and should arrive by mid-February. Districts will receive eight copies of the Constitution and Position Statements document and a timeline for the 2024 Resolutions Process. 

There were no changes to the Constitution in 2023, but two new Position Statements were added as a result of Delegate Assembly action last November. The new positions include: 

  • 5.17 School Resource Officer Funding — The Illinois Association of School Boards shall request that the Illinois legislature consider legislation providing educational funding to all school districts to offset the cost of a school resource officer.   

  • 5.18 Bus Driver Regulations — The Illinois Association of School Boards shall support changes to the Federal and State school transportation regulations that return licensing requirements and driver trainer liability back to pre-February 2023 levels at minimum; allow LOCAL training and testing for bus driver candidates; and increase the transportation reimbursement rate from the State of Illinois to 100%. 

Position Statements determine the direction of the Association’s advocacy efforts and legislative agenda on behalf of IASB members. 

Each year, IASB member boards of education are asked to participate in the Resolutions Process. The process begins in April with the release of the resolutions submission form. Proposals may be submitted as a new resolution or as an amendment to a current Position Statement. Each submission must include a statement of resolution and the rationale.  

In early August, the IASB Resolutions Committee, consisting of one representative from each of the Association’s 21 divisions, will debate submissions and recommend "do adopt,” “do not adopt," or “do not present” for each proposal. In September, a Resolutions Committee Report will be sent to all IASB member boards and include all proposed resolutions and the Committee’s recommendation for each one. Each district is entitled to one voting delegate at the annual Delegate Assembly in November to vote on the proposed resolutions.  

Full texts of the IASB Constitution and Position Statements are also available online.