IASB Member School Boards Can Now Submit Resolutions for Consideration

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    April 30, 2024
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The IASB Call for Resolutions is now open. Association member districts can submit a proposal as a new resolution or an amendment to a current IASB Position Statement that will then be considered by the Resolutions Committee in August. All proposed resolutions must be approved by the submitting district’s board of education prior to submission.

When considering district proposals, the IASB Resolutions Committee has three options: Do Adopt, Do Not Adopt, or Do Not Present. A “Do Adopt” recommendation is taken to the Delegate Assembly floor for a vote. In the case of “Do Not Adopt,” the submitting member may appeal the Committee's recommendation. If the Committee votes to "Do Not Present," the resolution does not move forward and is not subject to appeal.

After the Committee makes recommendations for each proposed resolution, a Resolutions Committee Report will be sent to IASB member boards in September. This report includes all submitted resolutions, the district’s rationale, and the Committee’s recommendation for each proposal.

"Do Adopt" resolutions or proposals where an appeal is submitted will be presented to the IASB Delegate Assembly in November at the Joint Annual Conference. Resolutions approved by the Delegate Assembly become IASB Position Statements that provide the Association with direction on positions and/or actions on a particular issue.

The deadline for districts to submit resolutions is June 26. Questions about submitting a resolution or about the Resolutions Process should be directed to the Governmental Relations team.