IASB Nominating Committee Recommendations

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    September 25, 2023
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The Nominating Committee for officers for the IASB Board of Directors met on August 26 and 27 to select candidates for the 2023 elective offices of Association President and Vice President.

Among the criteria the committee considers annually are demonstrated leadership on a local board of education and at IASB division and state levels; participation in IASB activities at all levels; demonstrated ability to speak for public education in Illinois and to be an advocate for IASB positions; involvement with other education-related associations or organizations; and other leadership experience. Membership on the IASB Board of Directors for at least two years is preferred. 

The Nominating Committee recommends
  • As President, Mark Harms, currently Vice President of IASB and a member of the school board for Flanagan-Cornell USD 74.
  • As Vice President, Tracie Sayre, currently a member of the IASB Board of Directors representing the Two Rivers Division and board president for Triopia CUSD 27.
IASB President Simon Kampwerth Jr. is completing his second one-year term. Chairing the Nominating Committee is IASB Immediate Past President Tom Neeley.

Nominating Committee membership includes Chris Buikema of the Northwest Division, Mark Christ of the Southwestern Division, Linda Eades of the Kaskaskia Division, and Alva Kreutzer of the North Cook Division. Committee alternates include Bob Geddeis of the Kishwaukee Division and Lisa Irvin of the Egyptian Division.

Per the IASB Constitution, the Nominating Committee candidates will be presented for vote at the 2023 Delegate Assembly, held in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. Upon election, new officers will be seated at the IASB Board of Directors’ reorganization meeting on November 19, 2023.