2023 Resolutions Committee Report Now Available

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    September 27, 2023
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District Boards Encouraged to Discuss Proposals before November 18 Delegate Assembly

The IASB Resolutions Committee has released its 2023 Resolutions Committee Report. The report includes nine proposals submitted by Association member districts, with analyses and recommendations for each. The Committee met at the IASB Springfield office in early August to discuss and debate submissions.

The Resolutions Committee recommended “do adopt” on two proposed new resolutions and “do not adopt” on three other resolutions. Four proposals received a “do not present” vote from committee members. The full text of proposed resolutions with the sponsoring district’s rationale and the voting committee’s reasoning is included in the report posted on the IASB website.

“Do Adopt” Recommendations
School Resource Officer Funding
Bus Driver Regulations

“Do not Adopt” Recommendations
Industrial Construction
Employment History Review
Alternative Safe School Funding

IASB member boards are encouraged to review the Resolutions Committee Report and discuss it with the full board to determine a voting preference on each of the proposals. The report was emailed to all school board members on September 22. Hard copies of the report may be requested by contacting Alie Wagner of the Governmental Relations team.

The report also includes the Delegate Assembly Agenda, a table of contents, Advocacy Core Values, and a checklist to help boards decide which resolutions they will support or oppose. Delegate Assembly Business Rules and procedures are also highlighted.

Each IASB member board is entitled to select one member to represent it at the Delegate Assembly to vote on behalf of the board. Once the board of education has selected this Delegate, the district’s roster manager can register that individual online. The annual Delegate Assembly will take place in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago on November 18 at 10:30 a.m.

The IASB Governmental Relations staff will host a webinar on Tuesday, October 31 at noon to learn more about the proposed resolutions to be voted on and answer questions about the Delegate Assembly process.

Resolution proposals are submitted each year by school boards that are members of the Association. IASB staff works with the proposing school board(s) as needed, by reviewing and researching proposed resolutions to provide background on current law. Then, each proposed resolution is reviewed and voted on by the Resolutions Committee, made up of 21 school board members from each of the Association’s divisions.

Outcomes from the Delegate Assembly will determine the direction of the Association’s advocacy efforts on behalf of IASB members. Further information and updates will also be posted to the Delegate Assembly webpage.