IASB Launches Logo Refresh

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    July 5, 2023
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The Illinois Association of School Boards is proud to present its refreshed brand identity today to members, stakeholders, and the public. The IASB logo reflects the Association’s mission to provide members with high-caliber programs, training, and resources to support effective governance. 
Association materials, in print and digital, are being updated according to revised brand guidelines, which include two layout options for more versatility for different applications.  
IASB’s brand package includes a new Active Member logo, offered to Illinois public school districts with active membership in IASB. It is the only logo approved for member board use, including on awards and plaques presented by the district. Members should refer to the IASB Active Member logo use guidelines on the IASB website. 
In addition, a revised Service Associates logo is also available now for use only by member firms in good standing. 

The logo refresh project was staff driven. “Our organization values collaboration and contributions from staff,” said IASB Executive Director Kimberly Small. “This refresh is one way the Association continues to move forward as it supports local school boards and their work for public education.” 

The revised art retains the IASB brand font in the logotype and the dominant blue color that has distinguished IASB since 1997. The flame, which represents the Association’s vision for “lighting the way” and its work with individuals and organizations intertwined in academia, was also modernized. The logomark was also updated to strengthen the “IASB” acronym and allow for versatility and flexibility across multiple mediums. 

The official logo of the Illinois Association of School Boards is trademarked and use by any entity outside of IASB without permission is prohibited. Requests for use of the logo in any format must be submitted to the IASB Communications Department at