IARSS Releases Teacher Shortage Report

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    February 2, 2023
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The latest survey on the educator shortage shows the crisis is ongoing, but also that attention to the issue is prompting ideas for solutions in school districts across the state. The sixth annual survey is a project of the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS) in partnership with Goshen Education Consulting. 
“We have taken great pride that our annual study not only helps highlight the obvious shortages facing our schools, but also brings together the educational leaders and state policymakers for short-term and long-term solutions. I am encouraged that those conversations are yielding some positive results,” said Mark Klaisner, IARSS President and Executive Director of the West40 ISC west of Chicago. 
Key findings reported in the Educator Shortage Survey Fall 2022 Administration for  
the 2022-2023 Academic Year


  • 79% of schools say they have a teacher shortage problem 
  • 93% of districts say the shortage is as bad as or worse than last school year 
  • 95% of schools say they have the same or fewer applicants for open positions from last school year 
  • 92% of schools report a substitute teacher shortage problem 
The report also states, “A concerning number of schools report that less than half of the applicants they receive for their open positions are actually qualified for those roles. 
IARSS says the survey team made an intentional decision this year to ask more forward-looking questions, to better understand how schools are seeing recent policy changes affecting the shortage problems. The report offers policy recommendations based on the IARSS survey, including increasing funding throughout the teacher pipeline, creating a robust teacher recruitment system, and making the completion of teacher training more affordable.