What School Leaders Are Reading

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    December 27, 2023
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In this edition of “What School Leaders are Reading,” we highlight articles from state school board associations and other education community publications. Stories include research linking school board action with student achievement, the ‘care and feeding’ of school board members, a popular elective class in Ohio, and the arrival of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in California classrooms.

Research Links School Boards’ Actions with Student Achievement (scroll to page 4)
Daniel Nerad, Wisconsin School News, August 2023

The Care and Feeding of School Boards: Nine Tips from the Trenches and What They Really Mean about Survival for a New Superintendent (Scroll to page 33) Rick Maloney and Bob Hughes, School Administrator, September 2023

Officiating Class a Homerun (Scroll to page 20)
Scott Gerfen, Journal (Ohio School Boards Association), August 2023

AI Has Arrived (Scroll to page 20)
Heather Kemp, California Schools, Summer 2023