IASB Offers New Sponsored Program for School Facility Cleaning and Disinfection

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    December 14, 2023
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The Illinois Association of School Boards is pleased to announce a new Sponsored Program to help schools maintain safe, clean, and healthy learning environments for students, educators, and staff.

Beacon is a smart, wall-mounted disinfection device that can help educational institutions combat absenteeism by reducing the spread of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. It uses Far-UVC 222nm light technology to fight illnesses such as RSV, Strep, COVID-19, and the flu, which may reduce sick days. It also provides reassurance to students and parents by helping to minimize the risk of bringing germs and bacteria back into their homes.

IASB member school districts have access to this among several programs sponsored by IASB that are designed to save money or ensure competitive pricing of essential services.

Members interested in learning more about incorporating Beacon into school facilities can visit the website or email Beacon CEO Brian Clark.