IASB Resolutions Committee to Meet and Discuss District Proposals 

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    August 2, 2023
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The IASB Resolutions Committee will meet on Friday, August 4 in the Association’s Springfield office to debate proposals submitted by member districts. The Resolutions Committee meeting is part of the process that will culminate in the annual Delegate Assembly, where all IASB member boards have an opportunity to vote on resolutions submitted by districts.  

The Resolutions Committee, comprised of one elected member from each of the Association’s 21 divisions, consults with the boards of education that crafted and submitted resolutions, deliberates on each proposal, and makes recommendations on each measure.  

This year, 10 resolutions were submitted by local boards of education on topics relating to school construction, resource officer funding, alternative schools, student driver regulations, employment history, elections, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), suicide prevention, and Delegate Assembly voting. Districts had until June 22 to submit resolutions for consideration. 

Once the committee has completed its recommendations, the next step in the process is a Resolutions Committee Report that will be distributed to each member district and posted on the IASB website. This report provides a summary and the Committee’s voting rationale on each measure to assist districts when deciding how to vote on the respective resolutions.  

The district proposals will be voted on at the 2023 Delegate Assembly taking place on November 18 in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago.  

Resolutions and amendments to current Position Statements adopted by the IASB Delegate Assembly provide major policies for the Association and establish its stance on legislation and related matters of public policy. Further information on the resolutions process is available on the IASB website and delegate registration is available online.