2022 New School Laws Now Available 

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    January 21, 2022
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A digest of state laws enacted in 2021 that impact Illinois public schools is now available from the Illinois Association School Boards. New School Laws is designed to alert school leaders and public school advocates to new statutes or changes in existing laws each year. 

The publication includes a brief synopsis of more than 100 new public acts to call attention to statutory changes.  

  • Regarding changes to the school calendar, new laws in 2022 add school holidays or observance days for Juneteenth National Freedom Day, the November 2022 General Election, and Autism Awareness Week in April. 

  • Newly required curriculum content includes a unit on Asian American history for elementary and high schools, a review of law enforcement procedures during traffic stops for drivers education, as well as age-appropriate instruction on prohibited grooming behaviors for pre-K-12 students. 

  • There is a new law requiring action by boards of education to review the minutes of all closed meetings.  

  • Another law directs school boards to report educator misconduct. 

  • In the category of school safety and health, two laws allow for excused student absence for mental or behavioral health.  

  • Other new laws pertain to school districts as employers and school district budgets. 

Also included in this publication, where applicable, is the IASB Policy Service (PRESS) information regarding new legislation. If a new law is addressed in PRESS materials, the corresponding PRESS Policy or Procedure code number will follow the public act information. 

The annual publication is being distributed to member school boards and administrators. School leaders and public school advocates can also access the publication online.