IASB Legislative Report 103-16

Delivered via email: May 5, 2023

What’s a Deadline? Bills Pass Both Chambers

With only two weeks to go before the scheduled adjournment deadline of May 19, the Illinois General Assembly has begun passing bills out of both chambers. Many bills passed will have a direct impact on school districts. After passing both chambers, the bill must be transmitted to the governor within 30 days. After receiving the bill, the governor has 60 days to act on it. The final days of session will include many last-minute amendments and votes on bills – some that have been in progress for months and others that have just become known. Be sure to watch for additional IASB reports and Calls-to-Action in the remaining weeks.

Racism-Free Schools Act Moves Forward in the Senate

Even though the deadline to move Senate bills out of Senate committees passed several weeks ago, Senate Bill 90 (Murphy, D-Des Plaines) was voted favorably out of the Senate Education Committee on May 2. The bill would require new policies around race-related harassment in schools. While the bill was not called prior to the deadline set by Senate leadership, work continued with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Illinois Attorney General, and education stakeholders. The bill will now have to be voted on by the full Senate before being discussed in the House. SB 90 is a fitting example of a bill that appears to be stalled, but work is continuing behind the scenes.

Senate Agreed Bill List

To help expedite the passing of House bills on 3rd reading, the Senate has posted an agreed bill list that will be voted on May 10. HB 3442, an IASB initiative, is on the list and we anticipate the Illinois Senate to take final action next week. Thanks to IASB members for their engagement and support of this measure.

Bills Passed Both Chambers Week of May 1 

  • HB 1273 (Elik, R-Alton) Constitution Day
  • HB 1297 (Elik, R-Alton) TRS-Optional Credit
  • HB 3116 (Stuart, D-Collinsville) Staff Training-Homeless
  • HB 3402 (Chung, D-Bloomington) Hiring Priorities
  • HB 3425 (Croke, D-Chicago) Bullying Notification
  • HB 3523 (Yang Rohr, D-Naperville) School Trustee Bond
  • HB 3822 (Rashid, D-Berwyn) State Board – Language Report