IASB Legislative Report 103-12

Delivered via email: March 31, 2023

General Assembly Hits Halfway Mark of Spring Session

Most of the legislative attention was focused on the Illinois Senate this week as they drew closer to their March 31 deadline for passage of Senate bills out of the chamber. With the House having met and passed their March 24 deadline, both chambers are now adjourned for a two-week “Spring Break.” Spring Session adjournment is scheduled for May 19, leaving just a month for the General Assembly to complete their work. 
One issue that was moved forward late in the week was Senate Bill 990 (Curran, R-Lemont) which would limit how a school district could sell property they own. Senate Bill 990 forces districts to give the municipality, township, and park district a right of first offer on its property at a pre-determined price, even if others in the marketplace would be willing to pay more for the property. The bill was passed out of the Senate Executive Committee on March 30 and passed the full chamber less than 24 hours later. The bill will now head to the House.

As with most legislative deadlines, there will be bills that receive extensions and have their negotiations continue past the original deadline. One area that will continue to be a topic of discussion for the General Assembly is teacher tenure. While there are several bills that would impact teacher tenure, Senate Bill 1872 (Lightford, D-Hillside) would make the greatest change to the current law by lowering the number of years for a teacher to be granted tenure from four years to three. 

Fortunately, with the passing of legislative deadlines, the legislative picture becomes a little clearer. Two bills that IASB members made their voices heard were electric school buses and a school employee minimum wage. Both of those bills, HB 2287 (Moylan, D-Des Plaines) and HB 2784 (Hirschauer, D-West Chicago), have now both been re-referred to the House Rules Committee. While the bills could be revived any time the Rules Committee meets, it appears as if these bills will not be moving forward for now.

As we reach the homestretch to the legislative session IASB encourages you to engage in our “Calls to Action” and continue to make your voice heard in the legislative process. Your advocacy is impacting the General Assembly is delivering results!

Bills Passed the Senate Impacting School Boards 

Senate Bills passed the Senate