IASB Legislative Report 103-10

Delivered via email: March 17, 2023

Bills Start to Change Chambers; Electric Buses Move to Third Reading

Several House Bills have now made their way through the committee process and have been passed by the chamber where they are awaiting action by the Senate. The passage of bills out of the original chamber will take most of the time and attention of the Illinois General Assembly for the next few weeks. Before a bill passes out of the original chamber, it must be moved from second reading to third reading. Once a bill is read for a third time, it is immediately ready for passage.

House Bill 2287 (Moylan, D-Des Plaines) which would ban the sale of traditional diesel school buses in the State of Illinois on January 1, 2028, and would ban the use of non-electric school buses on January 1, 2035, was moved to third reading on March 16. It is estimated this bill would cost school districts across the state hundreds of millions of dollars. So far, a revenue source has not been identified.

Another piece of legislation on third reading and ready for passage is House Bill 2147 (Yang-Rohr, D-Naperville) which would allow a retired teacher to substitute teach for 120 days without impacting pension benefits. Current law allows a retired teacher to substitute teach for 120, but that provision is scheduled to sunset June 30, 2023. HB 2147 extends the current law until 2026.


Bills out of House Education Committees Week of March 13

Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter Schools

House Bill 3442 (Crespo, D-Streamwood), an IASB initiative, was amended per the request of the Illinois State Board of Education. The bill will provide additional days for a substitute teacher to be in the same classroom and was passed unanimously by the House Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter Schools Committee.


Bills in House and Senate Committees Week of March 20

A list of bills IASB is tracking in committees next week