IASB Legislative Report 103-02

Delivered via email: January 27, 2023

Bill Filings Continue as Senate Gets Organized

The Illinois Senate was in session in Springfield January 24 and 25. Only one vote was taken on the Senate floor as most of the work being done was operational and administrative. Due to a major renovation of the Capitol building, many Senators’ offices have been relocated within the Capitol Building or in the Stratton Office Building. A list of Senators and their office locations can be found at https://www.ilga.gov/senate/. One remaining operational task is the assignment of committee chairs. While most of the standing committees are staying the same as they were in the previous General Assembly, the Senate has added several appropriations committees as well as the Early Childhood Education Committee.

The 103rd General Assembly was sworn in on January 11 with Democrats holding supermajorities in both the House and the Senate. While there has been little legislative action so far in the 103rd General Assembly, we expect that to change quickly.

With the Senate in session reading bills into the record and the House continuing to introduce bills, a flurry of bills that could impact schools has been filed by Illinois General Assembly members. Over 1,600 bills have already been filed with more being filed daily until the Introduction deadline of February 10 in the Senate and the 17th in the House. IASB legislative staff members are already engaged in conversations around several issues including, but not limited to, mandates, early literacy/dyslexia screening, alternative school placement, limiting use of school resource officers, providing kosher and halal meals, and student data and privacy. We expect that list will continue to grow. Your IASB team in the Capitol will keep you apprised as these issues develop and will reach out for your support, action, and feedback whenever needed.