IASB Legislative Report 103-01

Delivered via email: January 13, 2023

Lame Duck Session Adjourns, 103rd General Assembly Sworn In

A busy lame duck session of the 102nd Illinois General Assembly ended with both chambers adjourning Sine Die late into the evening on January 10. While many impactful pieces of legislation were passed during the session, House Bill 5188 (Villivalam, D-Chicago) was never called for a vote. House Bill 5188 would have mandated a statewide sex education curriculum. The Illinois Association of School Boards appreciates all of you who reached out to your state senator to oppose this mandate. Your voice was critical in stopping the passage of the bill. For more background on HB 5188, please see IASB Legislative Report 102-46.

The Illinois General Assembly passed several bills during the lame duck session including an assault weapons ban, HB 5471 (Welch, D-Westchester), and changes to abortion law HB 4664 (Cassidy, D-Chicago). Both chambers passed an additional funding bill, HB 969 (Harris, D-Chicago) will send $850 million to the Illinois Rainy Day Fund as well as $400 million to the governor’s “Closing Fund” to attract more business to Illinois.
With the work of the 102nd General Assembly concluded, the 103rd General Assembly got off to a fast start with the Senate sworn in at the Old State Capitol and the Illinois House taking the oath of office on the campus of the University of Illinois-Springfield. While the inaugurations are mostly ceremonial, bill introductions have begun. On the first day of the 103rd Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois House introduced 1,124 bills. The 1,124 bills do not include Senate bills and are more bills than the Ohio House and Senate introduced during their recently completed two-year term. IASB staff will be analyzing those bills and all others introduced to see how they may impact public education in the State of Illinois.