IASB Legislative Report 102-42

Delivered via email: April 25, 2022

Governor Pritzker Signs Fiscal Year 2023 Budget 

On April 19, the 2023 Fiscal Year budget was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker. The budget bill, House Bill 900 (Welch, D-Westchester), spends around $46 billion and includes additional funding for the Evidence Based Funding model. In addition to signing the budget bill, Governor JB Pritzker also approved House Bill 4700 (Harris, G., D-Chicago) and Senate Bill 157 (Hastings, D-Frankfort), which collectively complete the FY 23 budget and revenue package. More information on those bills is available in previous reports.
The governor signed the budget, but he also signed several important education bills into law. Below is a list of bills signed by Governor Pritzker since the end of the spring legislative session.
HB 4316 (Mussman, D-Schaumburg) expands the provisions requiring the governing body of each school district to implement procedures for notice concerning an alleged act of sexual misconduct between an employee, agent, or contractor of the school and a student. 
HB 4365 (Didech, D-Buffalo Grove) allows a student's IEP team to determine whether the special education program of a school district is unable to meet the needs of a child with a disability. 

HB 4690 (Mussman) restarts the process of removal or dismissal of teachers and principals that were paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HB 5472 (Yang-Rorh, D-Naperville) provides that during the period between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, an additional 20 paid days or 100 paid hours shall be added to a provision that authorizes an annuitant to accept employment for a certain number of paid days or paid hours as a teacher without impairing their retirement status.

Evidence-Based Funding Correction 

As part of the new budget, an additional $87 million in Evidence Based Funding was included to correct errors in funding due to overpayments to Chicago Public Schools. While not all school districts will be receiving additional funding, the vast majority will. The Illinois State Board of Education has put together additional information that details the initial error and makes it easier for you to see what funding your district may be receiving.

Resolutions Submission Opportunity Available 

One of the most important functions of the Illinois Association of School Boards is the resolutions process that drives the Association’s advocacy and legislative initiatives and provides guidance for the IASB Governmental Relations team. The 2022 Resolutions process has been launched and interested member districts are asked to submit a resolution before the June 22 deadline. The IASB Resolutions Process has undergone several updates and revisions to make the process easier and more accessible. The IASB Resolutions form is available to make your district’s participation in the resolution process as simple as possible. Please contact Mary Ellen Buch with questions at mbuch@iasb.com.

Advocacy Friday 

IASB Advocacy Fridays provide access to special briefings and exclusive information presented by the IASB Governmental Relations staff and guest speakers to help school leaders advocate for public schools at home, Springfield, and Washington, D.C. On the last Friday of each month, school officials will be provided with timely and practical advocacy strategies. Use your voice to further your district’s advocacy efforts by joining IASB Advocacy Fridays.
Register for the April 29 Advocacy Friday, which will discuss the changes to the Resolutions process.