Federal Legislative Report 118-01

Delivered via email: July 26, 2023

Title I Grants Could Be Slashed by 80%

As Congress moves closer to the August recess, a lot of activity is being packed into this week. In particular, appropriations bills have caused a flurry of action as progress is made toward passing various spending plans. The COSSBA report provides a variety of information but close attention should be paid to the Education budget in particular. A while back, the House advanced a bill that would dramatically slash Title I grants by 80%, which amounts to a nearly $15 billion cut. The long-running federal program that sends money to schools based on the number of children from low-income families that they serve is imperative to educational success. The Senate on the other hand released its FY24 education funding bill which provides greater funding for education than the House bill, sure to cause conflict between the two. 

What can you do?

Congress is proposing a $15 billion decrease to necessary Title I Grants that directly impact your school districts. We need your help before the Appropriations Committee completes its budget proposals for FY24, during a scheduled full committee markup tomorrow (Thursday, July 26).  Please contact your members of Congress and let them know how this huge budget cut would affect your school. With your help, we can continue to provide excellence in Illinois schools. 

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