Call to Action: Oppose Mandated Preparation Time (HB3907)

Call to Action - HB3907

We are contacting you with an URGENT Call to Action regarding HB3907 (Stuart), a bill that proposes mandating 45 minutes of uninterrupted preparation time per day for all educators. This bill is scheduled for consideration today, April 3 at 2 p.m. in the House Elementary and Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing, and Charter Schools Committee.

While HB3907 House Amendment 1 stipulates that prep time should be subject to local negotiations, it includes a provision that sets a default of 45 minutes per day for all educators if no agreement is reached. This mandate hinders management’s ability to manage teacher schedules and reduces flexibility and local control. We do not believe that planning time should be legislated.

Although the sponsor suggested using the bill to initiate discussions in the Teacher Shortage Working Group, it remains unclear if there is a plan to move the bill today in committee. As a result of the lack of clarity, we feel it is crucial to voice our concerns with the serious repercussions for local school districts statewide if the bill is enacted in its current form.

We urge you to take legislative action by submitting a witness slip in OPPOSITION to House Amendment 1 to HB3907. Your commitment to advocating on this issue demonstrates the significant consequences this measure will bring.

To fill out a witness slip:

  • Click on the link below and fill out the Identification portion of the form with your information.
  • Under Representation, type in your school district.
  • Under Position, click on “Opponent” and “Record of Appearance Only” under Testimony. Click on the Terms of Agreement and then Create (Slip)

File Witness Slip