The July August issue of the Illinois School Board Journal offers Summer Reading: Conversations and communications from the Association, plus teacher shortage news and crisis management concepts. 

Feature Articles

Regular Features

  • Front Page

    By Theresa Kelly Gegen
    What does it mean to have a a “deep personal commitment to public education"?
  • Advocacy Angle: The Road to Advocacy

    By Barbara Hobrock
    As a school board member, there are many ways to further your advocacy. From filing a witness slip, to speaking to your legislators, to testifying in committee, you too can expand your voice and deepen your impact.
  • From the Field: Summer, Sun, and SEL

    By Natalie Williams-McMahon
    Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the key for all ages. Here are some tips and skills to balance your life as you live to enjoy the summer and the sun. 
  • Policy Page: Key Bills Impact School Board Policies

    By Debra Jacobson
    A non-exhaustive list of significant legislation that is likely to impact most boards’ existing policies.
  • Practical PR: Partnering with Your Community

    By Keegan Kociss
    Make a concerted effort to highlight community partnerships, show businesses and organizations they are appreciated, and provide families with information on local supports.