Journal Resources July/August 2021

Learning Loss, Learning Opportunity
By Theresa Kelly Gegen
COVID slide. Learning loss. Unfinished learning. Learning disruption. Whatever you call it, it presents questions:...

Breaking Up With Your Smartphone
By Scott Uhler and Mallory Milluzzi
Sample policies from the Office of the Attorney General addressing electronic file management, prohibiting the use of private email accounts for official or work-related business and prohibiting the use of text messaging for official business are available for reference are available via the Klein, Thorpe, and Jenkins, Ltd. website.
  •  City of Champaign v. Madigan, 2013 IL App (4th) 120662
  •  Illinois Public Access Opinion 16-006 (August 9, 2016)
  • Better Government Association v City of Chicago, 2020 IL App (1st) 190038 (8/5/20)
  • As for the ability of a public body to compel its officials to turn over responsive records contained in their personal accounts, the Court stated that if an employee does not cooperate, FOIA authorizes the circuit court to enforce disclosure through its contempt powers. Id at ¶ 28
  • Relative to a judicial appeal, the Court stated that a public body satisfies this burden by submitting reasonably detailed affidavits setting forth the type of search it performed and averring that all locations likely to contain responsive records were searched. The Court found that only once the agency has submitted such an affidavit does the burden shift to the requester to produce countervailing evidence that the search was not adequate. Better Government Association v City of Chicago, 2020 IL App (1st) 190038, ¶ 25
  • Hall v. Central Intelligence Agency, 668 F. Supp. 2d 172, 175 (D.D.C. 2009).
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  • Kowalczyk v. Dep' t of Justice, 73 F. 3d 386, 388 ( D. C. Cir. 1996)( interpreting Federal FOIA requirements)
  • Bocock v. Will County Sheriff, 2018 IL App ( 3d) 170330, ¶ 50, 100 N.E.3d 649, 658 (2018)

Creating a Pandemic Response Manual is Critical
By Steve Zurek and Mary HendersonMr. Steve Zurek, MBA is the President of the Roselle Illinois District 12 Board of Education and is a management consultant and owner of OakLeaf Consulting LLC with more than 30 years of advisory experience. Contact Mr. Zurek at or at .

Dr. Mary Henderson is Superintendent of Schools for Roselle District 12 with twenty-three years of experience in education, sixteen of those in leadership positions. Contact Dr. Henderson at .

Operation Reverse the Loss
By Mark Schneider
Well over a year into arguably the greatest education crisis the nation has faced in our lifetime, if the estimates of learning loss resulting from COVID-19 are anywhere near correct, our nation is facing a catastrophe.

School Practices to Address Student Learning Loss
By Elaine Allensworth and Nate Schwartz
Which areas should schools prioritize for intensive academic intervention and what strategies are most effective?
This brief is part of a series aimed at providing K-12 education decision-makers and advocates with an evidence base to ground discussions about how to best serve students during and following the coronavirus pandemic. This piece addresses potential interventions for students who have fallen out of typical grade range — particularly those who were struggling before the pandemic. ...