Collective Bargaining ePub

Collective Bargaining and Illinois School Board Member Digital Publication

Since it was first published more than 30 years ago, Collective Bargaining and the Illinois School Board Member provides practical insights into school labor relations in the context of Illinois law.  This Fourth Edition continues to examine local practices among Illinois school districts and explains requirements of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act.

Updates in 2021 reflect changes to fair share and union election procedures and the organization of bargaining units. In addition, it includes an updated glossary and a new appendix by Stanley B. Eisenhammer with rules and best practices for board members. School board members need to understand which topics the board may address through policy and which topics must be handled at the bargaining table. Matters addressed in the book include the distinction between labor relations and human relations, how the local bargaining process works and where everyone fits in, and options available for improving the bargaining process.

The author, Ron Booth, was a labor relations consultant who assisted a number of Illinois school boards in their collective bargaining with employee unions. This work has been updated in 2021 by school attorney Brian A. Braun with the firm of Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. Braun is the author of Illinois School Law Survey, also published by IASB.